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“Big Bold Bill Brewer is the voice of pure Americana...each and every one of Bill's reads is strong and steady as well as spirited and enlightened...a winning combo from a solid performer!”

Moneen Daley Harte, Instructor/Coach, The Great Voice Company


“Bill is a voice professional in the true sense of the word. You hear his warmth in his smokey, resonant voice and feel the years of showmanship through his natural delivery. Very distinct in style and tone you can sink into his voice like a well worn leather chair. An easy presence to work with, Bill is the model of ideal voice artistry today; experienced, intuitive and on point; in a word, a pleasure.”

Brian Thon, Producer and Voice Coach, Such A Voice


“Bill was more than professional. Very easy and fun to work with and I will use him again... a lot, without question. He was quick and did exactly what we needed and was very self motivated. It was a true pleasure.”

LG Hamilton (client)

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